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Curse of the Mummy’s Brain!!  is a retro 2D platform game developed during OrcaJam 2011 by myself (Chris Tihor), Chris Phillips, Alberto Fonseca, Caleb Hystad, and Lee Gauthier. My role on the project was game designer and programmer.


The mighty pharaoh Pepi I has been peacefully spending eternity snuggled up tight in his sarcophagus. One dreadful day, tomb robbers invade his pyramid and take everything that isn’t nailed down, including his mummified body! Fortunately, the tomb robbers accidentally drop the Coptic jar that contains his preserved brain, allowing it to escape. Now you must take control of Pepi’s brain and, with the help of his other preserved organs, recover his stolen body and strike down the tomb robbers with the Curse of the Mummy’s Brain!


The game is played using the keyboard

Move Left: W 

Move Right: A 

Synaptic Attack: S

Jump: Space-bar

To escape the tomb and recover his body, Pepi needs to open the three gates leading out of his tomb by touching each of three switches in the level. Watch out for scorpions!

Game Design Doc Excerpt

The World of the Mummy’s Brain

The curse of the mummy’s brain takes place in contemporary times in our world. Pepi’s quest to recover his body will take him from his pyramid in Egypt across the world to a museum in England.


Pepi’s Pyramid
Pepi’s pyramid is a fictional location based on the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egpyt. Pepi’s goal will be to follow the tomb robbers to the exit and retrieve his body. The pyramid is divided into separate sections that will need to be visited sequentially. The sections are:

  • The King’s Chamber
  • The Grand Gallery
  • The Descending Passage *
  • The Queen’s Chamber
  • The Shaft
  • The Subterranean Chamber
  • The Ascending Passage *

*The Ascending/Descending passages are technically reversed, but from the perspective of the player it makes more sense.


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3/5 - Great start but needs a lot of tuning. 

I love both the concept and the sprites. Pepi (the brain) is a fun little pixel sprite that runs on his nerve bundles? haha. 

The biggest and most frustrating flaw in the game is the mechanics. Pepi runs like he's on ice. When jumping the gravity is wonky. Also, if you don't have momentum already you cannot move in while jumping. I found this frustrating for a platformer. 

I liked the little scorpion sprites but they don't deal any damage to the player and their hit boxes are clunky. 

The little thing at the top of the pyramid does nothing. I was dissapointed when I worked really hard with the controls only for nothing. 

Music was perfect for the game. 

This is a Really great start for something super cool. Please fix/finish it. I would pay to play this game if the controls were better and the enemies fixed.  A neat take on a puzzle platformer. 

Good Luck!


Hi MM!

Thanks for playing and reviewing Curse of the Mummy's Brain! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I probably won't be coming back to it anytime soon, but you never know! If I do spend some more time monkeying around with it, then I will definitely take your excellent feedback into account.

Thanks again,